The mission of the Murray Calloway County Homeless Coalition is to share the love of GOD by providing shelter and life-skills training to underserved members of the Murray Calloway County community who are in need of safe and secure housing in order to improve their quality of life.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working hard to serve our community.  We will not be able to maintain guaranteed office hours at this time; however, we are taking service requests over the phone or online.  To apply, call 270.761.6802 or click below.

Get Help.

HOMELESSNESS doesn't always appear as you would envision it be.  Some homeless people have full time jobs.  Some homeless people are clean-shaven and well-spoken.  Some homeless people are smart, but have been victims of circumstances beyond their control.  Some homeless people are teenagers or college students who are known as "couch surfers."  Some homeless people are single mothers who are escaping domestic violence.  Some homeless people are married couples who have lost their jobs and have found themselves to be down on their luck.  Other homeless people might be struggling to make ends meet because of a devastating medical diagnosis such as cancer.  The scenarios are endless.

ALL of these people have a story.  The Murray Calloway County Homeless Coalition seeks to listen to these stories and to help our homeless friends and neighbors experience a happy ending.  Join us!

Approximately 16% of Calloway County's population is currently living in poverty.

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