In November 2019, a generous donor came forward to offer approximately 5 acres of land.  Situated near the Murray Calloway County Transit Authority, the land is the perfect site for OpportUNITY Place!  We are in the beginning stages of developing that land and getting it ready for building to start in the Spring of 2020!  


There will be two types of tiny homes at OpportUNITY Place.  One type of home will be designed with families in mind.  The other will be designed for individuals or couples.  All homes will have a living space that includes a bed, a couch or chair, and a kitchenette that includes a sink, microwave, and dorm-style refrigerator.  Each unit will have it's own private bathroom.    Tiny homes for families will be larger than homes for individuals or couples to accommodate sleeping spaces for more people.  In addition to tiny homes, there will be approximately 6 appartments that are attached to the CommUNITY Building.  These will be designed to accommodate families.  Each home will include 1-2 parking spaces.  Residents will be required to keep their homes clean and well maintained.

The CommUNITY Building

A CommUNITY Building will house laundry facilities for residents.  In addition, the community building will have a full kitchen, a multi-purpose room for dining and activities, and offices.  The CommonUNITY Building will be home to life-skills training sessions (Life Labs), worship services, and other commUNITY events such as game night.

Why the "CommUNITY" Concept?

Many communities offer shelters for housing the homeless.  We think the tiny home community concept is a better one for several reasons:


When families seek shelter at a typical homeless shelter, they are separated by gender.  Because people sleep in common spaces in most homeless shelters, the men and women are divided.  This means that the mom and dad have to go separate ways, and the children aren't able to remain with both parents.  In a tiny home community, every family has their own space.  This means families stay together and that families have the privacy that they deserve.



Typical homeless shelters do not allow pets.  While this is perfectly understandable, it does prevent people with pets from seeking shelter there.  For many homeless people, their pets are a part of their family.  In some cases, the pet is the only family that the person has.  MCCHC wants to offer living spaces in which pets can live alongside their owners.  While there will be a limit to the number of pets that each family can have, as well as breed restrictions, MCCHC seeks to welcome pets that belong to our residents.


Members of the OpportUNITY Place are given the opportunity to not only have adequate housing, but they also are given the opportunity to better themselves.  Because our commUNITY is designed for members of the Murray Calloway County Community and not designed for short-term stays, members will be able to attend sessions, classes, & seminars that will help them gain needed skills.  Classes might focus on financial stability, parenting, job-skills training, Bible study and more.  Other services that might be offered are church services or support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous 


OpportUNITY Place residents will be required to give back to the community by volunteering a certain number of hours per week performing tasks that help to better the community.  Tasks might include cleaning common spaces, maintaining outdoor spaces, tending to a community garden, or assisting with minor repairs.

The number one cause of homelessness for women is domestic violence.

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